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FENIX Express: The Most Awesome Last Mile Delivery Experience for Ecommerce Merchants

As entrepreneurs, we understand the importance of customer experience and the role a seamless delivery has on the last leg of the ecommerce customer journey. That's why we started FENIX Express, to solve merchant pain points and - as an extension of your brand - make the package delivery process hassle free and delightful for your customers.

1. Lowest delivery fees and even lower with scale

2. Pickups and deliveries every day of the year, including Sundays and Public Holidays

3. Live tracking SMS and Whatsapp links sent automatically to your customers

4. Your cash is your business, transferred 2X per week - every Monday and Thursday

5. In addition to web dashboard, use the FENIX mobile app to place delivery orders on the go

6. Connect with your preferred platform to automatically send orders via API with no effort

7. Your orders are delivered, on time, and at an industry leading success rate

8. We let the customer decide which payment method is best for them

Express Chatbot: No More Driver Phone Calls

Your customers are now in control, no longer at the mercy of answering a Driver phone call or missing their delivery. The Express chat bot provides automated live tracking, address validation, delivery slot scheduling, payment links, order rescheduling and more, all at a touch of a button.

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